This is one of our Mercedes Benz MPVs at Heathrow Airport earlier today. Whilst we are normally dropping off or picking up at Heathrow on a regular basis, today felt like a one off occasion given the effects of COVID-19 and its disruption to normality on a global basis.

Driving through the airport grounds and stopping at Terminal 4 where our passenger was departing from could only be described as a surreal experience. The lack of people, cars and movement was extremely unusual to what is Europe’s busiest airport, and one that we frequent very often.

The booking was for 1 passenger, which was originally supposed to be completed in our Mercedes Benz saloon. However, as a business we have made a decision to complete all bookings for the foreseeable future in one of our Mercedes MPVs for the safety and protection of our passengers and drivers.

The MPVs come with an electric tailgate and side doors, this allows for a contactless entry and exit, to and from the vehicles. Also the vehicles are configured with conference seating layouts in the back, meaning by asking passengers to sit in the back row of seats where possible, a distance of around 2 metres can be kept between the driver and passenger(s). As standard business practise our vehicles have always been cleaned inside and out in-between every booking to provide spotless executive vehicles for each and every booking, this continues to be the case, but with an additional focus when cleaning the interiors with disinfectant wipes and sprays.

If you have essential travel needs during this time and want to choose a safe method of getting to your destination, then please be rest assured our COVID-19 is being strictly adhered to for the safety of our passengers and drivers. If you have questions or want to discuss our COVID-19 policy in more detail, then please get in touch with us, using any method from our ‘contact us’ page.