Whilst we’ve shared pictures of our Mercedes-Benz S Class on a few bookings, we thought it would be good to showcase its key features, as it’s far from standard.

♦️ Rear seat entertainment system:

– 2 rear entertainment screens

– Access to popular streaming apps such as netflix, prime video, live tv/catch up players such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 as well as various other apps whilst on the move

– 2 wireless headphones (passengers are also welcome to plug in their own headphones into the screens)

– Remotes to control the media/entertainment system as well as the seat comfort features

♦️ Massaging seats:

– 6 massage programs

– 2 heated pressure point programs modelled on the hot stone effect

– Intensity adjustments

♦️ Heated & ventilated rear seats

♦️ Rear electric blinds on all rear windows

♦️ Electrically adjusted rear seats, including lumber and side support adjustments

♦️ Fully reclining rear passenger side seat

♦️ Premium Burmester surround-sound system: Numerous high performance speakers tactically located throughout the vehicle for an immersive sound experience through all frequency ranges

♦️ Dual zone air conditioning with separate rear passenger controls

♦️ Panoramic Sunroof

♦️ Privacy glass on all rear windows

♦️ Nappa leather seats

♦️ Black poplar wood trim

♦️ Ambient lighting

♦️ Dedicated onboard WiFi unit

♦️ 12v sockets in the rear, for any charging needs

♦️ Ambient lighting

♦️ Soft close doors

♦️ Air suspension for an incredibly smooth ride

♦️ A comprehensive range of driver aid and safety features, including active braking and steering systems as well as night vision cameras, to maximise journey safety

We have had nothing but positive comments from everyone who has travelled in it so far, and it certainly offers a true first class experience for on the road travel.

If you need to complete a long-distance journey and want to feel fresh and relaxed on arrival, or you want to show up to an event in style, then feel free to contact us.